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Be at one with nature with weddings at Knepp Wildland & Castle Estate in West Sussex

Surrounded by natural untouched woodland and overlooks Springwood Pond; a beautiful lake that is sure to be the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

Images by Knepp Wildland

This one is for all my wild and free-spirited engaged couples! Today, I’m taking you back to nature with the natural beauty that is, Knepp Wildland. A wilderness blanketed in undisturbed earthliness; perfect for the outdoorsy types who want to make their wedding day a reflection of their wild, authentic, and beautiful personality. With my own real soft spot for wildlife, I was so excited to be invited to visit Knepp to see what it’s all about. This venue has so many options for you to go crazy, allowing you to create your day your way! And you may even be joined by a range of free-roaming wildlife to celebrate the joyous occasion with you!

Knepp Wildlands + Castle Estate

Driving through the gates of Knepp, I was first blown away by the enormous stretch of land. This vast wilderness, just south of Horsham, runs along the A24 and is spread across a whopping 3,500 acres. Knepp Castle Estate, owned by Sir Charles Burrell, has been in the family for over 220 years. And since 2001, the focus has been around the incredible work they do to conserve wildlife through their dedication and devotion to rewilding.

Holding, on average, 12 weddings a year, with their wedding season running from May through to September, Knepp is a beautiful location for an unconventional outdoor wedding, bringing you a more relaxed wedding vibe. Being one of the leading wildlife conservations in Europe, Knepp is definitely one for the nature-loving couple, who love to embrace the outdoor life and be at one with nature.

Repton Park

The perfect spot to hold your wedding, Repton Park is surrounded by natural untouched woodland and overlooks Springwood Pond; a beautiful lake that is sure to be the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. Knepp isn’t licenced for marriages, which is perfect if you want to get creative and have a restriction-free celebrant ceremony done your way. At Knepp, you really are given the freedom to let your imagination run wild, it is a blank canvas for you to enjoy and create the day that you want. The grounds give plenty of space for a fun, magical tipi wedding situated right by the lake, and perfect for a bohemian or festival style celebration, with haybales, colourful wedding decorations, and a live band. Why not go for the chilled-out vibe and put on a laidback spread for guests, such as a hog roast or a BBQ; anything that takes your fancy! Hire bell tents for your guests where they can sleep underneath the stars as the night comes to a close, or if they’re not as one with nature as you, there are multiple options of local accommodation nearby.

The Bothy

A beautiful newly refurbished bridal suite with a rustic, modern interior throughout. This barn style bridal suite sits within Repton Park just on the edge of the woods and can be booked as part of your wedding package. When I entered the Bothy, my favourite part was the gigantic, and very real, deer antler perched confidently on top of the fireplace. It really makes you realise how close you are to the surrounding wildlife.

Final Word

To some, this may seem like an unusual wedding venue, but to me, I cannot picture anything more natural and beautiful than being outdoors and at one with nature. It is a wonderous thing to let couples be a part of the impressive work they do for nature and preserving wildlife, it’s just what gives any wedding here at Knepp added meaning. What I love about Knepp is the freedom they give to couples to really go with their hearts and personalise their special day, where they can fill their day with their wild and free-spirited personality. Allowing you to have your one-of-a-kind wedding day that truly reflects your awesome personality.



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