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Wedding Planning: Are you losing sight of what matters the most?

Hey Lovelies!

Welcome to the blog! I’m so excited you’re here! If you are a couple looking to fill your wedding day with creativity and imagination, creating a day that truly reflects your individuality and personality, then you’re in the right place! Here we will get together to chat about all things wedding – from wedding inspiration, advice, tips, tutorials, and much more on creating your dream day, done YOUR WAY!

So tell me, how are the wedding plans coming along? If you're feeling overwhelmed at all, that's completely normal.

Getting engaged is one of the most special moments in anyone’s life. As soon as the BIG question is popped, it feels as if you’re floating on cloud nine and you don’t ever want to come down. But then reality hits, and you realise that being engaged now means that you have to plan a wedding. If you let it, planning a wedding can be an exceptionally long and stressful process, lasting on average between 12-18 months. It can rule our lives; spending day in and day out searching for the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect décor, etc. There are so many factors to consider and decisions to be made, it's no wonder we find ourselves getting swept up in the planning process, trying to create just one perfect day, which can lead us to forget about what matters most – the love between you and your partner. So, here are my seven tips on how not to lose sight of what matters most when planning your wedding day.

1. Wedding planning-free date nights

Planning a wedding is no walk in the park. It can often feel like a full-time job and can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. You may be the world's calmest person, but when you're fiddling around with teeny wedding decor that just won't do what you want it to do, or family members are arguing over your guest list... again, it can be easy to lose your cool! So, how do you avoid wedding stress? By taking regular breaks from wedding planning you are less likely to feel consumed and lose your sanity. If you or your partner have found that your main topic of conversation is wedding planning, it’s time to put the budget tracker down and start talking about something else… anything else! Try to commit at least one day a week to having a wedding planning-free day. Perhaps arrange a regular date night where you go out to a restaurant or have a movie night in, grab a glass of wine and spend some quality time together. Avoid bringing up the subject of wedding planning and just focus on each other. Enjoy the moment.

2. Have a pre-wedding photoshoot

Having a pre-wedding shoot is a great way to spend some quality time together and do something a little bit different, but still wedding-related. It makes the process more exciting as it gives you both something to look forward to. A pre-wedding shoot takes the focus off planning and puts focus on you and your partner. It's a time to be your weird and wonderful selves, have fun, and relax. The important thing is that you enjoy yourselves.

3. It’s all about you (both of you)

During the wedding planning process, part of not losing sight of the love is remembering who this wedding is all about; you and your partner. Your wedding day is a day to showcase your love for one another, so don’t let traditions, trends, or friends and family dictate how your wedding should look or be. It can be hard to remember this when you have so many people in your life with opinions and advice which they feel is best for you. But just remember it shouldn’t be about pleasing or impressing your family and friends, it should be about celebrating your love and commitment, and telling your love story.

4. Create a wedding that reflects your personality

Similar to the above, every part of your wedding should reflect you and your partner's personality. At the end of the day, you didn't just fall in love with their good looks! Your wedding day should incorporate your style and what you love; try and think outside of the box to create a day that is unique and personal to you and your partner. Try not to get lost in popular wedding trends if it doesn’t reflect who you and your partner are as individuals or as a couple. My free wedding design workbook helps you to focus on what is important to you and gives you the tools and inspiration to help you design a day that truly reflects your personality.

5. Don’t get lost in inspiration

There is so much wedding inspiration out there, and with it all being so pretty, it’s hard not to get completely lost in it all. If you use Pinterest to find inspiration, look for images that really resonate with you, images that remind you of who you and your partner are, and that you can picture on your wedding day.

6. Make decisions together

This is an important one to remember. The budget, venue, and guest list/numbers should definitely be decisions you make as a couple. Making decisions together and finding ways to compromise will help to prevent disagreements and fallouts, whilst also making the planning process more exciting as you look forward to things happening together.

7. Don’t rush it

And finally, just take your time. As soon as that sparkly ring is on your finger and with all the excitement surrounding it, it's so easy to rush into wedding planning. But getting engaged is a step in your relationship, just like any other step in your relationship, and therefore should not be rushed. It is the perfect stage to iron out the details of your relationship and where you see yourselves as you commit to a lifetime together. You and your partner should enjoy the engagement period for as long as you need to. No doubt, there will be lots of people who are excited for you and who will be asking you lots of questions about the big day, but don't feel pressured into setting a date until you're ready to do so.

And remember, if you are finding yourself getting lost in planning, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or feeling like it is affecting your relationship, then it’s most likely time you considered hiring a wedding planner to take the stress away and turn your dreams into a reality. That way, you have all the time to focus on what's important. Love.

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