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How to create a wedding day that reflects your personality and tells your love story

Hey lovelies!

So, we have all seen the ‘all-white’ weddings, with the white chair covers (eek!) that are drowning in the same cardboard cut-out traditions. The problem with these types of weddings is that they all look pretty much the same, and they don’t tell me anything about the couple getting married. When you tie the knot, your guests want to walk into your wedding venue and know they’re at YOUR wedding. Come on, there is nothing more special for your guests than to see carefully thought-out details and elements that reflect you and your partner. But I know that planning a wedding is no easy feat, and with so much wedding inspiration and opinions out there, as well as other life commitments to fulfil, sometimes it can be easier to go with the simple ‘all-white’ traditional style. Well, I’m here to stop that from happening; your wedding day is about you and your partner showing off your personalities and telling your love story to your guests. And incorporating the things you love into your day is how you make your wedding truly unique and stand out from the rest. But how do you combine all the things you love into one day, making it look cohesive and unified, and not like a wedding jumble sale?! Here are my tips on how to do just that!

Brainstorming session

The best way to get started is by jotting all your thoughts and ideas down on paper. Sit with your partner and have a fun brainstorming session, I mean, really go to town and get to know yourselves! Write down all your likes, interests, passions, hobbies, and guilty pleasures. What are your common interests as a couple, and what are the things that set you apart? For example, my husband loves The Lord of the Rings, whereas I am much more of a Harry Potter fan. Perhaps these are two contrasts you can bring to your day? More importantly, talk about your journey together as a couple. How might you incorporate the way you first met, your first date, your first holiday into your wedding? Do you have a pet that can somehow be involved? These are all things about you and your relationship that show off your awesome personality and tell your love story.

Choose more than one theme

Choose one main prominent theme and 1 or 2 secondary themes. For example, you may be thinking about planning a Star Wars themed wedding, but as we know, you’re not the only Star Wars fan on this planet. So, incorporating more of what you love into your Star Wars theme is really what is going to make a difference and set you apart from the other engaged Star Wars fans out there. A secondary theme might be your love for 80s music or your love for classic cars. Think about how you would incorporate these secondary themes into your main theme.

Little touches

Your secondary themes can be added into your wedding as smaller details. For example, I had a rustic wedding, which was my main wedding theme and, as you know, is a very popular theme for weddings. But I made it my own by adding in smaller touches with little nods of appreciation to my husband’s service in the military. So, although the main theme was rustic, I included military elements such as having his dog tag wrapped around my rustic bouquet and little toy soldiers hidden in my rustic centrepieces. My guests thought it was great fun when they found them; it was like having a little scavenger hunt.

Adding other themes as little touches around your main theme is what is going to help make your wedding look seamless and unified.

It’s more than that

Try not to look at things from one angle. Think outside the box to create something unique and never seen before. I never think, “Ok, I need a welcome sign, where are the paper and pen?” I think, “Ok, I need a welcome sign, what can I make it out of?” Anything can be made into anything. If you’re a make-up artist, write your welcome sign on an old shabby chic mirror with one of your red lipsticks to give a great effect. There are more to things than meets the eye.

Play with colours

Choose colours you love that represent your personality and the feel you want to create for your guests. If you’re choosing to use multiple colours, make sure you spread the love throughout your venue, rather than adding blocks of colour here and there. Using colours, or even textures, is a great way to tie contrasting elements together for a more cohesive look.

Don’t worry about what others may think

You won’t create a day that is truly yours if you let what other people think stop you. I know putting yourself out there can be daunting, as well as showing off your personality and the things you love, but you must remember that your guests are coming to see you on one of the happiest days of your lives; so create a day your way, that truly reflects yours and your partner’s personality. One that tells your love story – it only makes sense.

Need help designing your day?

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