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Hey, I'm Rihanne (Rih for short). A big welcome and congrats on your engagement!

Wedding planning should be a fun and exciting process, after all, it’s about you and your partner turning the page and entering an awesome new chapter in your lives. But, let’s be honest, with so many wedding magazines, blogs, and social media, not to mention family and friends with opinions, it can all get a bit overwhelming and you can start to feel like you’re planning someone else’s wedding rather than your own. I know, I've been there and got the t-shirt! I say, put the magazines to one side, close those Pinterest tabs and take a breath. In… and out… I’m here for you!

Being different isn't a bad thing.
It means you're brave enough to be yourself.
- Luna Lovegood

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I’m a big believer in being true to yourself and embracing those quirks that make you, you!  My goal is to help you create a day that is super authentic, and that isn't dictated by traditions and trends. Your wedding day is what you make it, and my job is to help you discover that vision and turn it into a reality. So, do you dare to be different? Whether you're a quirky creative or don't have a creative bone at all, I'm here to help you flesh out all of your awesome ideas and bring them to life in one spectacular day!

I’m all about putting you in control and helping you create a wedding that is beautifully different, meaningful and represents you and your partner in every way. I love to learn about the couples I work with, whether you're a gin-fanatic, have a love for fast cars, an adrenalin junkie or a collector of some kind, I want to know about it so that I can creatively incorporate it into your big day! 


I'm here to provide you with an enjoyable wedding planning experience, filled with fun, laughter, and bursting with imagination!

Wedding Planner Sussex

Like many wedding planners, my love for wedding planning came from arranging my own, combine that with my love for creativity and design, and here we are! Being an out-of-the-box, quirky creative, I was determined to make my wedding different in that it reflected my husband's and my own personalities. But, I ran into a problem. I found that it was not easy finding suppliers who understood me and my quirky ideas, and I was often met with raised eyebrows! Yet, I was determined not to make my wedding day some cardboard cut-out wedding that so many people end up with. It had to tell our love story, no matter how weird it may seem to others; that's what I feel a wedding day is all about! So then I decided to take the leap and I made it my goal to help all those who want an alternative, unconventional, and boundless wedding to be able to have their perfect day! 

My biggest wedding advice for you? Don't lose sight of the heart of your wedding. It's about you, your partner, your personalities and your dreams turned into reality for a day. So let's make it happen!


I am a complete geek for arts and crafts, home DIY, and coming up with completely out-of-the-box, never-been-seen-before ideas. You'd often find me with a drill or a can of spray paint in my hand. I love to wow people with my designs and my favourite thing is creating something personal and special for friends and family to cherish.


When I'm not busy planning and designing, you'll find me spending quality time with my weird and wonderful family - my husband and cheeky two-year-old son, Zac, who I'm secretly hoping grows up to be as quirky as I am!


There is also my other son, my rescue dog, Max, who loves running through the countryside, getting lots of attention and, of course, cheese!

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